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  • The consumption of Drugs (any kind) during the hours of trackday operation (7:30am-5pm) is strictly prohibited. This rule applies to both riding participants & their crew, family and friends. Anyone found to be consuming will be asked to leave the grounds for the 3 days of trackdays

  • Aggressive behaviour, physical or verbal confrontation will not be tolerated and anyone exhibiting such behaviour will be immediately removed from the event with no refund

  • If you use or borrow a friends' bike you must ABSOLUTELY inform the FAST team. At all times we must know which rider is on which bike.  If someone gets caught, they will be asked to leave (no refund) and we will share that information with other trackday organizers.

  • You cannot change groups unless you get prior approval from the FAST team. Anyone not following this rule will forfeit their day and all other registered dates (no refund). You will also be asked to leave.

  • Only the rider registered for the event may participate in said event. Loaning your bike to a rider who is not registered for the event to go on track with result in a life time ban and we will share that information with other trackday organizers. 

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