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Bike preparation at a FAST track day.

  • Tires, brakes, sprocket and chain must be in good condition. We will have track side tire service with Bridgestone tires. 

  • All glass, headlights, taillights, turn signals, and plastic lenses must be taped over or removed. The head and tail lights must not visibly shine through the tape. It is recommended that head and tail light fuses be removed.

  • Side mirrors must be removed. Taping over of mirrors is not permitted. Mirrors with integrated turn signals are the only exception, and must be taped over.

  • We recommend, but do not require, removal of centre stands. Bikes with side stands should have strong springs to ensure that the kickstand cannot drop down accidentally.

  • Handlebar kill switch/button must be functional. Throttle must spring back by itself. 

  • All motorcycles MUST use water instead of antifreeze or glycol based coolant. Water Wetter or MoCool & Distilled water is recommended. This is non-negotiable and includes the liquid contained in the reservoir. Engine ice is not permitted.​​

  • It is recommended that oil drain plugs and brake calliper mounting bolts are drilled and lock wired

Bike Numbers - Mandatory for all riders

  • ​Your assigned bike number must be displayed on the front and rear, or front and both sides of your motorcycle. Numbers must be a minimum of 5-6" in height nd be clearly displayed on the FRONT and BOTH SIDES (upper side fairing or side of lower fairing) of your bike. Older style/Large tail sections that can accommodate a 5-6" number on both sides are also acceptable. Any modern tail sections that cannot acoomodate two sets of numbers must have the numbers clearly displayed on eitherr side of the machine.

  • Bike numbers must be clearly visable and readable from 100 ft away. Fonts and colours must be clear and concise and highly contrasting. White or black solid "plate" style background is highly recommended.

Video equipment, Lap timers/cellphones

  • All on track video equipment (Go-Pro, Hero or other camera’s, Cell phones etc) must be approved at safety inspection. Have your camera secured to the bike how you intend to ride with it on track for safety inspection.

  • No cameras mounted to your helmets or your body are permitted. 

  • Cameras must be secured by a tether system. Cameras lost on track will not be searched for or returned. 

  • No foam stick mounts or solid rod type mounts that could potentially impale during a crash.

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