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  • All Riders must wear appropriate riding gear.

  • All gear must be free from tears, exposed seams, excessive wear, age or damage.

  • Leathers: Full one piece or two-piece (zip completely around) motorcycle leather suits only. 

  • Helmet: All riders must wear full-face helmets that are designed for motorcycle use which is free from damage. Snell 2015, or ECE-05 manufactured no more than 7 years ago (no DOT helmets), in good condition and proper fit for the rider, is mandatory.

  • Back Protector: CE Level 2 or higher back protectors are mandatory. Foam or soft shell protectors, similar to those included in some suits, are not acceptable. The back protector must cover your spine from tailbone to base of the neck/top of shoulders.

  •                  External airvest do not replace backprotector requirements.

  •                  Internal air bags must incorperate a back protector system (Tech-air, DAir, GiMoto V-Race 2.5)

  • Gloves: All riders must wear leather gauntlet style gloves that are in good condition with no ripped stitching or seams.

  • Boots: All riders must wear motorcycle boots that extend above the ankle to approximately mid-calf. No steel toe boots.

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