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  • All participants must attend the riders meeting (we'll be calling some names) in order to be allowed on track.

  • All riders who are required to participate in the New Rider Orientation to Shannonville must attend a) secondary riders meeting b) their on-track coaching sessions. Riders who fail to complete either of these guidelines will forfeit their trackday.

  • All participants must check in at registration to receive the appropriate wristband and registration/safety inspection sticker. All appropriate waivers for both FAST Riding School and Shannonville Motorsport Park must be signed online in advance. The wristband must be worn all the time and we will do spot checks.

  • You will need to bring a photo ID at registration.

  • The registration/safety inspection sticker must be adhered to the front fender or the middle of the front upper fairing only, prior to safety inspection. The inspection is at the FAST garage.

  • All motorcycles MUST pass safety inspection prior to admission on the track. If your bike does not pass safety inspection, you will be responsible to make the necessary adjustment and come back to inspection. 

  • In the event of a crash, you must pass safety inspection on the motorcycle before being allowed re-entry to the track.

  • All motorcycles MUST display the number chosen by the rider in their rider profile on the front and both sides of the rear of the motorcycle. The number must be easily seen and distinguishable from a distance (6” numbers are recommended). If your numbers are not identifiable and/or do not match that which you have selected within your profile you will not be permitted to enter the track.

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