1x street training Course (on race track but not lapping) 

5x Lapping levels called Phases (1, 2, 3, 4 & 'R')
Fast Street not require to do Phase #1


FAST Street

OWN Bike only

Designed for beginners or riders with custom bikes that want to use their own bike to practice and improve their skills with specific exercises without doing laps around the track. Street riding gear (DOT Helmet, motorcycle jacket, boots and gloves).


  • Counter weight steering at lower speed

  • Start and immediate 45-90 degree turn

  • 180 degree turn at low speed (U-Turn)

  • Break and down shift

  • Front/Rear brake application and ratio

  • Trail braking in a turn and stopping

  • Throttle steering

  • Traction

  • + many more training exercises

All this is done using the very safe 7-turn Nelson Racetrack. (no lapping)



Take advantage of being in it for 2 days in a row. It takes the whole first day Phase 1 to touch base with all of the riding techniques introduced, learn the track layout and finally feel quite comfortable in your ride. But at that point the day is over. If you continue the next day in the same concept, you benefit from having everything fresh in your mind being ready to perform much sooner and with much more precision right from the start of that second day.



With at least a Phase 1 under your belt, you can take the advantage of working on you riding techniques for 2 days in a row experiencing 2 different racetrack layouts: The 7 turns Nelson Track and the 10 turns Pro Track layout.

These Phase 2 and Phase 3 courses are more focused on racetrack riding instruction and require a better control and concentration.



Now having different track experience, you can challenge yourself on the 2 fastest Shannonville Motorsport Park configurations, the 10 turn Pro Track and the fifteen turn Long Track.

You enjoyed your previous racetrack riding experience and want to continue your riding control improvement; this is another very interesting way to do it for 2 days in a row at FAST.

These Phase 3 and Phase 4 courses are focused on racetrack riding instruction and require a better control and concentration. More racetrack riding techniques are also introduced in this phase that often sees higher speed. Instructors are available to ride with you during your track sessions.