All included

Riding on a motorcycle and riding gear supplied by fast


  • Phase 1 (1 day): $619
  • Phase 2 (1 day): $619
  • Phase 3 (1 day): $674
  • Phase 4 (1 day): $689
  • Phase 1 and 2 combination (2 days): $1238
  • Phase 2 and 3 combination (2 days): $1293
  • Phase 3 and 4 combination (2 days): $1363

Choice of motorcycles

  • 2018 Yamaha R6
  • 2017 Suzuki GSXR600
  • 2018 Kawasaki ZX6R
  • 2014 Suzuki SV650
  • 2018 Kawasaki EX650R
  • 2018 Kawasaki Ninja300R

* When using one of our motorcycles, it includes the use of our riding gear. You may use your own approved riding gear if you prefer, but this will not change the price of your course.

Optional Daily damage insurance For the fast school motorcycles & riding gear

AT $129.00 PER DAY

FAST Riding School is proud to be able to bring only the best in motorcycles and safety gear supply for you to use when taking your course. In the event of any damage to the FAST school motorcycle (excluding mechanical breakdown) and riding gear, the user is liable for the cost of the damages up to a maximum of $2000.00.

For your peace of mind, FAST Riding School offers an optional daily damage insurance policy reducing the $2000.00 deductible to $349.00 for a Phase 1, 2, 3 or 4. The cost is $129.00 per day for the $349.00 deductible per day when registering. If you choose not to include the optional daily damage insurance when registering, you can still purchase it the morning of your course but it will cost you $10.0 extra (so $139.00).

Riding on your own motorcycle


No damage insurance is unfortunately available for your motorcycle.

When using your own motorcycle, our FASt riding gear are not included in the course price but can be rented at the race track, when registering:

Unfortunately, if a crash happens, you must pay for the damage to the riding gear. Damage to the riding gear will be depreciation, repair fees or the total amount depending of the damage. About a helmet that could not be used anymore, the total amount would be $400.00. The FAST Riding School would keep the destroyed helmets to send it back to ARAI Helmet Company.

Group rates

Groups of 5 riders and more can get a 5% off our regular course prices.
It is not available online; you have to make the arrangement by calling our office at 418-755-3313 or emailing us at fastridingschoolinfo@gmail.com.