Michel Mercier and FAST Riding School

Three-time Canadian National Superbike Champion and FAST Riding school owner Michel Mercier began racing in 1973 at age 20.

His determined and aggressive riding style soon became his “trademark” and was admired by both fans and other riders.

Michel has represented Canada while racing in United States, England, France, Spain, Australia and Japan.

In an 18 year motorcycle racing carreer, he won 25 Canadian National Titles in four different divisions of motorcycle racing: Road Race, Dirt Track, Ice Race and Motocross.

This includes five Canadian National #1 plates in Ice Racing and three Canadian National #1 plates in Road Racing. Michel retired from competition in 1990 on a high note, winning his last #1 in motorcycle competition.

After being part of the debut of FAST Riding school in 1987, Michel owns it since 1990 and manage it full time. Like he has done in racing, he keeps improving his school every year.




In 1980-81 Michel got a phone call, “We would like to invite you to compete in our TV event for the Wide World of Sport TV show. We want to crown the Ultimate Motorcycle Racer. We invite the Motorcycle Champions of every division of motorcycle racing to race in this special event. We heard that you are the Canadian Ice Racing Champion and would like to have you in our TV Show Race Event.” So Michel build a Superbiker from a borrowed friend’s motocross bike. A Can-Am 400cc the first year and a Can-Am 500 the second year. He manage to put road racing brakes at the front and 2 dirt track wheels to receive the proper tires. And down he went with his wife and a couple of friends.

“Wow, lots of work, but not that much of great bikes. But it is Ok, it is racing, all the equipment is free and I will find financial help to go. I went the 2 years and almost made the final every year in the middle of those tricky hot bikes racing agains guys like Eddie Lawson #1 World Road Racer, Magoo Chandler #1 US Motocrosser, Bubba Shubert, #1 US Dirt Tracker and 30 more coming from Europe and USA.”


** ICE RACE **



Up to now, Michel has been a very active person right from his early age.

Until 15, he was practicing aggressive sports like hockey, ski, gymnastique, football. At 16 he started to ride snowmobile with his father and purchased his first motorcycle, a mini bike. His idea of racing became much stronger then. The idea of racing started very early and came from his quick car rides with his father and the stock car races that he was spectating with him on Sundays at the local track. His father was a salesman on the road during the week and was delivering his sales on week ends bringing Michel with him in the country roads, from about 6 to 12 years old. As a young boy believing that his father is the greatest, Michel has just develop no feer for speed but a real taste for it. “My father never raced, but it was a mistake; that would have slowed him down on the road. I developed that thrill hearing the tires squealling in the turns and the motor roaring down the straight aways. In the winter, it was going sideways In early 60s there were no policeman to catch you on radar.”

  • 1973 - Michel graduated from Highschool in 1970 and graduated as a mechanic technicien.
  • 1973 - He started to race motorcycles at the age of 20.
  • 1973-74 - Worked for Bombardier Ski-Doo in Quality Control.
  • 1975-77 - Work for Bombardier Ski-Doo in Reserch Departement.
  • 1978-79 - Work for Prevost Car (Highway bus manufacturer) in Quailty Control.
  • 1980 - Work for Prevost Car as a test driver.
  • 1981-85 - Work for NICAN parts & accessory distributor in Mississauga, ON.
  • 1986 - Did not work. Collected unemployment from the governement and raced his only year without working for someone else at the same time.
  • 1987-89 - Worked for FAST Racing School as organiser, manager, developer, teacher.
  • 1990 - Purchased the FAST Racing School and change it to FAST Riding School.
  • 1990 - Owner operator of FAST Riding School since.
  • Has been teaching road racing since 1982.
  • Has taught professional road racing since 1987.
  • Raced from 1973 to 1990