The FAST Riding School started in 1987 as a racing school, called FAST RACING SCHOOL.

It was owned by the Shannonville Motorsport Park owner of that time, M. Raymond David, also owner of the MOTOPLAN insurance company of that time.

It started as the car racing school of those days were operating. It was offering all the necessary, including the vehicles (motorcycles) and the riding gear, all this for courses given on racetrack. It lasted 3 years and closed down.

Michel Mercier, working for FAST RACING SCHOOL then as teacher and co-operator, purchased the school and kept it going. This was in 1990 when Michel won his last Canadian National Number 1 Road Racing Title and retired.

He changed the name of the old Fast RACING School for his new school name: Fast RIDING School. Why riding instead of racing? Because Michel wanted to aim his courses more towards the street riders than the track riders; but not without keeping it appealing for the track riders as well. It took off and became what it is now renowned for: its Advanced motorcycle Riding Courses using racetrack.

With its new courses concept, the new Fast Riding School kept its racing involvement alive for 5 years.

In 1991 and 1992, FAST had its own Road Racing team with 6 riders competing in different classes in the Canadian National Championship.

In 1990, for 5 years, FAST was also offering the possibility to start road racing without buying a motorcycle and riding gear. It was called the FAST Championship and had all its fleet of 25 Yamaha FZR bikes to offer to ride. It was part of a marketing plan and was a show success happening in front of spectators at Shannonville Motorsport park during the regular motorcycle race weekends held by the RACE association.

In 1992, for 3 years in a row, FAST even held, a special concept to regroup policemen from different countries to hold a Policemen Racing Championship. In 1993, that Policemen Championship was regrouping policemen from 8 different countries around the world.

FAST direct racing involvement with its FAST Championship and Policemen Championship ended in 1996 with the FAST Riding School orientation moving stronger towards its Advanced Riding Courses program.

Our good work and relation with our sponsors make them stay behind our efforts for very long time.

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