** Since 1987 **

FAST Riding School is the simplest and safest way to bring your riding pleasure, confidence and safety to a higher level and enjoy all aspects of motorcycle riding.

We provide personalized instruction for advanced riders, and for those with little riding experience. Our unique teaching methods allow you to improve the basic and learn advanced riding techniques one by one, at your own speed, while having fun on a racetrack. We are using the Shannonville Motorsport Park different racetrack layout to teach you on a very safe environment that simulates the trough highway feeling and speed.

You will improve more in ONE day than you would in years of riding on your own.

** For every type of riders **

Whether you're young or old, male or female, sport bike rider or touring enthusiast, with short time or long time of riding experience, we will teach you how to become a safer and more confident rider in a controlled structured environment while having fun.

** No matter what kind of bike you ride **

It doesn't matter what type of bike you ride. If you master the basics and would now like to move to a higher level in controlling your motorcycle, we will show you how and will work with you towards achieving your goal. You will find, discuss and improve your bad riding habits and weak points. You will push your limits further, improve your safety on the road, gain confidence and triple your pleasure of riding.

** Speed Lovers **

** We take you away from the traffic and hazardous situation of the road that cannot provide you with the freedom and safety that you are looking for. ** We bring you on a racetrack to move you to a higher riding level that you will enjoy like never before while improving your riding ability and making new friends. **

We will make you a better track rider

** Future Racers **

If you are dreaming of racing… If you are itching to ride on a professional race circuit… Come and join us to move closer to your dream and experience an unforgettable experience that might bring you to a level that you did not expect from you. You will show if you have what is needed to be a racer And earn a graduation certificate needed to obtain a racing license.

If you recognize yourself in these previous lines, we sure we can help you and


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