FAST riding school courses introduction michel

Michel Mercier is the teacher/chief instructor at each one of our courses during the summer. He raced for 18 years and won 25 Canadian National Championship. He is teaching at FAST since the very start of the school in 1987. He has instructed motorcycle advanced riding techniques to over 19,000 different motorcyclists so far.

All will tell you that they have learn more about handling a motorcycle in one day at FAST than they had in years of day to day riding. A usual comment: “I did not know that I could learn so much in one day. I strongly recommend it to any motorcyclist. And it is a blast…”

On a school day, Michel teams up with 4 other instructors who also possess a strong background of racing and advanced riding teaching experience. All together, they will teach and coach you through every step of your course.

Our mechanic Jean-Marie, with experience on preparing motorcycles to race endurance such as the 24 Hours of LeMan in France, will prepare and provide to you all of our 24 motorcycle school fleet in a perfect track condition, ready for you to use.

FAST Riding School offers its ADVANCED RIDING COURSES since 1987 with a Phase/Step 1, a Phase/Step 2 and a Phase/Step 3

You can take any of our FAST advanced riding courses on our school motorcycles & riding gear (all included package) or on your motorcycle and riding gear.

We teach using racetrack in order to provide controlled and safe conditions in an environment that approximates highway style roadways.

Each one of our Advanced Riding Courses (Phase/Step 1, 2 or 3) is one day long, from 8 AM to 5.30 PM.

Each course is for 33 riders divided into 3 groups according to their speed and experience

Only 1 group at a time is riding on the track

Each Phase/Step is a follow up to the previous one and the Phase 1 is bringing everything you have experienced so far riding on your own to an understanding of how everything works on 2 wheels after leaving the parking lot.

Every rider has to start at Phase/Step 1 unless they already have motorcycle racetrack riding experience achieved through TrackDays or Racing. Then they can start at Phase 2.

Phase/Step 1 & 2 are done on the 7 turn Nelson Circuit

Phase/Step 3 is done on the quicker and more demanding 10 turn Pro track

All courses will bring you through 2 main sections

Part 1: Riding Techniques presentation

Each course starts with a one hour presentation of riding techniques that you will practice and develop on the track right after.

Part 2: On Track Lessons

Our on track lessons for each one of our courses consist of seven ½ hour sessions each broken down into 3 parts:

This ensures that you get the MAXIMUM information AND on track actual riding experience out of your course with FAST!

We run rain or shine

There is always something to learn, on a wet or dry track. So a FAST course will not be cancelled due to weather conditions.

However, the track sessions may be delayed if the rain is too strong. After attending the morning sessions, if you are too uncomfortable to continue, you will be allowed to reschedule later the same year if a spot is available or in the next season, but no refund will be given.