There is always something to learn, on a wet or dry track. So a FAST course will not be cancelled due to weather conditions. However, the track sessions may be delayed if the rain is too strong.

Only after attending the morning sessions, if you are too uncomfortable to continue, you will be allowed to reschedule your course later the same year at no extra cost if a spot is available or in the next season, but no refund will be given.


Phase/Step 1

  • Sign up, 8 to 8:45AM
  • Classroom 8:45 AM:
  • The teacher/chief instructor starts the day with an hour in depth presentation and discussion on riding techniques and skill development to ride with precision, style and safety. You see different steps you will take in reaching your own goals.
  • Suiting up and group division: 10:15 AM:
  • The class is broken into 3 groups of 9 to 12 riders: Conservative and less experienced riders, Intermediate riders, more speed oriented experienced riders. Each group has its own experienced instructor. Then you get dressed in full leathers, gloves, boots and helmet to prepare for the on track riding sessions.
  • Track time / on track riding sessions 10:45 AM to 5 PM

    You ride seven 10 minute track sessions in Phase/step 1 & 2 and six 12 minute track sessions in Phase/step 3. The riding sessions length are studied to provide you with the best possible concentration right up to the very end of each course. Each track riding session focuses on part of the techniques discussed earlier in class, those in ascending order to build up your skills.Each group alternates their turn on the track. You start by riding following an instructor to familiarize yourself with the track, the motorcycle and a few riding techniques. Then your instructor goes in turns and takes notes on your performance while you ride laps with the other riders of your group. Right after the riding sessions, he gives you a critique on your riding techniques. Passing is allowed in specially designated safe areas.

  • Our on track lessons for each one of our courses:

    Consist of seven half hour sessions each broken down into 3 parts.

    • A 10 minute presentation by the teacher/chief instructor on the specific techniques to be practiced for that session.
    • Your 10 minute ride on the track doing laps, focusing on the techniques discussed right before.
    • Your 10 minute instructor critique to correct your mistakes on your next riding session.

    A flagman team and an official ambulance are insuring safety during the day

  • Lunch time approximately 12:15 PM.
  • Final meeting: 5 PM:
  • The day ends with a discussion, award presentation, graduation certificate, souvenir sales.

Phase/Step 2 & Phase/Step 3

Schedule similar to Phase/Step 1,

Except that the morning classroom is replaced by a walk of the track with the chief instructor (the teacher) commenting on each turn and explaining the right techniques to be used.


A FAST Riding School Graduation Certificate is given to you after the completion of a course. It allows you to participate in different Track Day events organized by different other organizations and also allow you to buy a Road Racing license if you wish to later go Road Racing.